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A Humidifier is a device that is used to regulate the humidity or moisture level of a room. It is very important to have a constantly controlled climate environment when storing wine. Unlike other drinks, wine can get damaged easily if we store it in a hot and dry room. Humidity is an overlooked and yet a critical feature in wine storage. Without having the correct humidity, it can affect the quality of wine.

Therefore, the humidity and coolness of a wine cellar are essential factors in maintaining wine in its best quality. Read on to find out how you can get the best humidifier for your wine cellar below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you think about getting a humidifier, there are some general questions that will help you determine if it is worth getting a humidifier. Some questions include:

How is Temperature and Humidity Essential for Wine Making?

Many years ago winemakers built their cellars in caves or underground places which kept their wines in top quality. Such places have naturally cool and humid environments favourable for wine storage and aging. Today, wine cellar builders try to achieve the same conditions when constructing commercial and residential wine cellars.

Wine cellars should always have a temperature range of between 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity of 50% to 70% to create a cool and damp environment that favors the storage of wine.

Even after knowing all this, there is still a question one would ask themselves. What role does the humidifier play in keeping the wine from spoiling?

How Does Humidity Keep the Wine From Spoiling?

Winemakers mostly seal their fermented wine with natural corks because it expands to prevent leakage. The cork is where the wine breathes from, hence it manages the oxygen amount entering the wine bottle. If too much oxygen goes in, it can spoil the wine and if it is too little, it may delay maturation of the vino.

When the cork is placed in the bottle, the bottom of the cork is inside the bottle but the top part is exposed to air and it can be easily influenced by the surrounding conditions. If the humidity of the air around the bottle is lower than 50%, the cork will start drying, resulting in leaks that degrade the wine.

Too much humidity that is higher than 70% is also not good. When there is too much humidity, mold and mildew form on the cork and labels and spreads to the entire wine cellar, making them rot which ruins your wine.

This now means that if you do not maintain a pleasant temperature and humidity level, your wines will not age gracefully preventing them from reaching their peak taste.

I Already Have a Cooling System. Is Humidifier Necessary?

Having a cooling system that you can depend on is very important in vino storage.

A cooling unit only cannot humidify the air in the wine cellar because most HVAC units remove moisture from the air. Even those manufactures that claim that their units can manage humidity, what most of these units do is decrease the humidity level in the wine cellar rather than increase.

Another important factor you should consider is the climate of your region. This is because some locations are more humid than others. Those regions with higher humidity can offset the drying effect of the HVAC unit, and those in dry regions must buy a humidifier.

Ways of Choosing the Best Humidifier

Humidification systems are many in the market today and range from the ones you can add to your existing cooling system as an upgrade to the decorative humidifier fountains.

Remember that while trying to maintain optimum relative humidity levels in the wine cellar, it is all about how insulated the walls and the ceilings are. Below are a few factors that you can take into consideration when choosing the best wine cellar humidifier.

The Capacity of the Humidifier

When you are choosing the humidification unit for your cellar, the first thing you should do is collect precise measurements for your wine cellar. These dimensions are important because the humidifier you choose should be able to maintain the optimum relative humidity proportional to the size of the wine cellar.

We should also consider the materials used for the construction of the unit. It should be rustproof to resist damage that may be because of the water residue. Apart from the ones mentioned above, the bottle capacity and many other factors should also be considered.

Control System

An automatic humidifier is the best choice. This is because automatic humidifiers regulate themselves accordingly. You should not have to adjust the humidifier every time the relative humidity changes. The moisture amounts the humidifier produces is programmed to adjust to the wine cellar’s humidity changes. These types of cooling units generate up to 50% more moisture than the other humidifiers.


A wine cellar is a refrigerated storage unit, so the moisture levels are high. Therefore, the humidifiers installed should be of premium quality material that is rustproof. This ensures that it has resistance to any damage that may be caused by the water residue.


Safety should be among the things you look at when buying a humidifier. The ideal humidifier for a wine cellar that is recommended by most builders is one with a wetted pad design. This is because they introduce humidity into the wine room via vapor. The chief advantage of this design is that the unit tends not to emit any bacteria, white dust, or viruses into the stream.


Maintenance of the system should also be one of the major considerations when choosing a humidifier. It is advisable to go for a system that does not require manual fillings. Also, ensure that the humidifier comes with installed drains to flush out minerals automatically. The best system is one that requires an average checkup of once or twice annually depending on the degree of hardness of the water running through it.


Keeping the ideal humidity levels in your wine cellars an important factor in aging and preserving your favourite vintages. This is the reason getting the best humidifier for your wine cellar is important so you’re assured of having the optimum environment for storing your wine. It also ensures that your wine is well preserved to be a top-quality, great-tasting wine.

Other Questions

What is the best humidity for a wine cellar?

The relative humidity level in your wine storage space should vary between 50% - 70%. The right humidity keeps the corks humid, ensuring the correct seal and safety of wine.

What is the correct temperature for a wine cellar?

Wine must be put away from direct daylight—henceforth the wine cellar—and at a temperature within 52° to 58° Fahrenheit. While the definite temperature is significant, they consider the constancy of that temperature the "sacred goal" of wine storage. Changes in temperature of just 3° can be extremely harming if they happen every day.

How do you manage a wine cellar?

Ensure they make your cellar with a vapor barrier around the entire space and that the room is airtight. You may as well put a little pretty fountain inside the cellar. Water flows through the fountain and afterward dispersed into the air, making humidity. If dry conditions are a concern for you, a cool-fog, ultrasonic humidifier is an extraordinary help in accomplishing ideal humidity levels for your wine. If they put your wine away in a space with unavoidable scents, an air purifier run on a low setting to limit vibration can be wine-saver in this circumstance. If your concern is dampness, a small residential dehumidifier with a humidistat will help monitor too-wet conditions.


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