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to protect yourself from getting harmed by the weather condition on your next trip, read our guide on the best travel humidifier to make your travel experience an enjoyable one.


You’re getting ready for your next trip by packing your bags and checking the weather forecast, but are you aware of your destination humidity level? The effect of the weather condition on a traveler cannot be overlooked. It can make your experience an enjoyable one and at the same time make it hellish.

To be sure the weather of any location is responsive to you, you need the best travel humidifier. Before going deep into travel humidifiers, it’ll be better to have an insight into what humidifiers are generally.

What are Humidifiers?

Humidifiers are devices that helps in increasing humidity level of an area or space. They do this by adding the required amount of moisture to the air. This solves the problem of dryness and its effects. Such as nose irritation, skin irritation and cracked lips.

This device is especially useful in areas with very cold winters. Such areas are characterized with cold and mostly dry air which can make you lose moisture and get dry skin. With a dry skin, you’re prone to nose bleeds, catching flu and cold, skin irritation, dry throat and even headache. Hence, the need for a humidifier cannot be overlooked both at home or on travels.

What are Travel Humidifiers?

Travel humidifiers are portable and mostly small humidifiers. They’re ideal for those who travel often because of the role they play in acclimatization. Due to their portability and size, most travel humidifiers can’t humidifier a whole room. Instead, you’ll need to place it close for effective humidification of the surrounding air.

Types of Travel Humidifiers

There are various types of travel humidifiers depending on their working principles. Below is a list of the common ones.


This type of travel humidifier is the most suitable for warm climates. This is because it expels comforting cool mist into the air. And makes use of a filter in the form of paper, foam wick, or cloth to pull the water from the reservoir and releases mist in the air.

The only drawback which isn’t much of a con is the need to replace the filter frequently.


Steam travel humidifier is the cheapest amongst all types of travel humidifiers. The relative cheapness is due to its simple and direct working principle. It warms the water in its tank automatically and outputs warm, comforting air. That’s why it’s also called vaporizers.

It’s extremely suitable for areas with cold weather and during the winter period. Another advantage of the steam humidifier is its ability to work with medication inhalants. This makes it one of the best travel humidifiers for getting rid of allergens.

The only downside of this type of humidifier is, it can cause burns. Hence, it’s not advisable to place it around pets or kids.


This is the most expensive and popular amongst all types of travel humidifiers. It incorporates a metal diaphragm that vibrates at an ultrasonic speed which in-turn produces droplets.

One of the major advantages of ultrasonic travel humidifier is the low noise level. This makes it suitable for offices and other official functions.


Impeller travel humidifier is also suitable for winter periods. It makes use of a rotating disk that pushes water through a comb-like diffuser. This produces a warm, soothing mist in the air. Some models of impeller humidifiers have a kind of medicine cup where you can add medicinal inhalants.

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of travel humidifiers available in the market, how do you choose the best? Continue below

Features to Consider When Selecting a Travel Humidifier

With the numerous models of travel humidifiers available in the market, selecting the best one can be problematic and overwhelming. Here we’ve put together some essential features you should consider in any travel humidifier before committing to it.

Power Source

This is very essential in a travel humidifier as it’s a pointer of its flexibility. Due to the small size of travel humidifiers, it is essentially positioned close to you to work effectively.

A humidifier that needs to be plugged to a power source, for example, will require you to be next to it. Even if the power source isn’t close to your bed/seat. This makes it extremely difficult for you to enjoy the portability and comfort the travel humidifier brings.

So, you should select a battery-powered travel humidifier. There are also some products incorporating the two features. This gives you some options to choose from.


This is probably the most predictable of all features of a travel humidifier as they’re known for portability. You should note that, in most cases, the smaller the size of your travel humidifier, the lower its reach and coverage.

So, it all depends on you to find the balance between the output and portable that suits your needs.

Noise Level

Travel humidifiers are generally designed to be quiet. Though, no product is 100% quiet, but some are quieter than others. It all bears down to the level of noise you can tolerate.

The easiest way of determining the noise level is the specification by the manufacturer. In a case where it isn’t specified, you should check for the customer reviews of the product online. Another way to find out its noise level is, through testing at the point of purchase(for onsite stores).

Water Source and Capacity

Travel humidifiers can either have a built-in water tank or a generic water tank. Products with built-in water tanks are generally more bulky and heavy. But, those with generic water tanks are more portable and easier to transport.

The capacity of the water tank is also crucial to its run-time. The bigger the water tank the longer your humidifier runs and vice versa. Though a bigger water tank means reduced portability and ease of transportation.


Some models of travel humidifier incorporate a disposable filter. This type of humidifier mostly works as essential oil diffuser. The major disadvantage of humidifiers with filters is maintenance. The filter needs to be changed and cleaned often.

But if you can’t keep up with the maintenance of a travel humidifier with filter, you should get a filter-less one.


Travel humidifiers are either operated manually or made automated. For your convenience and ease of use, you should get the automated type. This is because they possess fantastic features that ensure you can preset them and control them from your comfort zone.

One of these features is the humidistat which measures the humidity of your room. This measurement is compared with your preset humidity level to give you a fairly balanced atmosphere.

There is also the auto-shutoff feature that automatically shuts-off the humidifier when the desired humidity level is reached. As it is expected, the automated travel humidifier is more expensive than the manual type.

Advantages of Travel Humidifiers

  • Help creates a healthy and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Affordable and portable.
  • Easy to use and clean and as such they are durable.
  • Quiet and user-friendly.

Disadvantages of Travel Humidifiers

  • Have a small water capacity which affects their runtime.
  • Size and portability limit their coverage and reach.


With everything that’s been discussed, it’s evident a travel humidifier is one of the most important things you need to carry along on your travels. This is because it’ll help you adapt to virtually all climates.


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After I had a bout of sinusitis, I spent every hour looking for something that would allow some kind of relief form the pain. This was when I found the humidifier. This came as a great surprise to me, as I assumed that these were just “toys”

After this blessed release from sinusitis, I decided to investigate these things further

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