Best Humidifiers For Wheezing

Wheezing is an issue that can be of inconvenience to not only the person who is wheezing, but to anyone near him/her. Most people can confirm the annoyance that comes with sharing a bed or room with people who wheeze or snore. It can disrupt your and your bed partner’s sleep patterns, leaving you tired and dizzy the next morning. One of the wheezing solutions is using a humidifier, and in this article, you will find precisely how a humidifier helps diminish one’s wheezing problems.

Every person wheezes now and then, and it’s usually not something too alarming. However, when a person starts wheezing more often, it becomes a thing to look into.

A common cause of wheezing is sleeping in a room with dry and warm air, and this can be treated with no hassle by getting a humidifier. A humidifier makes the air moist and cool and helps prevent swollen nasal tissues.

Before trying any remedy for wheezing, you must know the cause of it. At times heavy wheezing can be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and in that case, you should see your doctor and eventually get a humidifier for sleep apnea.

How a Humidifier Can Help with Wheezing

When you use a humidifier for wheezing relief, moisture keeps allergens stuck to the floor or other surfaces, preventing them from getting to you. Allergens are worsening your wheezing problems, and humidifiers pose as filters by extracting them from the air.

Humidifiers keep the humidity at an adequate level, preventing the nasal tract from drying out. Appropriate humidity levels help the airways, including the tongue and throat, stay clear, leading to healthier sleep.

In most cases, dry air stimulates your body to produce more mucus, leading to dry skin. This can cause a variety of problems, sore throat, nosebleeds with that all leading to nasal congestion. When the soft palate, throat, and nose tissues become irritated, they become inflamed, making the airways more restricted and narrow. You use a humidifier to help prevent wheezing and eliminate the consequences of dry air to give you some relief.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Humidifier For Wheezing

Not all humidifiers are fitting for you if you want to overcome wheezing. You should look for certain things in a humidifier, and fortunately for you, we have accumulated all the knowledge so you can find your best humidifier for wheezing.

Cool or warm mist humidifier for wheezing

How do you decide which one is better for you?

Warm mist humidifiers heat the water and scatter the mist into the air. The warm mist reduces the number of bacteria in the air. They also don’t have a fan, so they make less noise. Most of the warm mist humidifiers don’t come with filters. You can pair them with medicated aromas, which some people may find soothing. But warm mist humidifiers use more energy.

Cool mist humidifiers need less energy. They optimize the temperature in the room by evenly distributing the mist. Cool mist humidifiers may cool the room a few degrees, but you probably won’t even feel it.

Both options can help you alleviate your wheezing, so let’s check other characteristics.

Noise level

As mentioned previously, warm mist humidifiers are silent. The noise level is crucial because your humidifier will run during the night. You don’t want any disturbance during your sleep. If you are sensitive to noise, search for those humidifiers that don’t have a fan. Ultrasonic Humidifiers are also a good option for those who are bothered by the noise.

How simple it is to utilize

A smart feature some humidifiers have is the option to determine the current humidity level. These humidifiers are easy to use. Set the desired level of humidity, fill it with water, and press the button. On the other hand, if the detection is not accurate, you might have a hard time achieving the exact humidity level you want.

The water filling process is the thing that needs consideration. You want a humidifier that you can easily refill with the minimum risk of spilling and damaging your furniture. Some humidifiers might look shipshape and have good reviews, but you may want to avoid them if they are too complicated.


It is vital to keep your humidifier clean because If you don’t maintain your humidifier regularly, it can make your wheezing even worse. A warm mist humidifier requires no filter replacement, and you don’t have to clean it as often. You should check how many elements of the device need washing, and if they are easily approachable. Smooth design with simple parts will save you the trouble of heavy cleaning, lowering the risk for mold and bacteria.

Adjustable mist outputs

You should look for units with adjustable mist outputs when in search of a humidifier for wheezing. The reason behind it is that you don’t know which mist output will be the most effective for your condition. During the night, you may go for lower performance. But if you don’t find it efficient, try a higher speed and higher mist output. Test a few alternatives and see which one works the best for you.


You should pick the appropriate size for your bedroom. Since most bedrooms are not spacey, you should look for a small to a medium-sized humidifier covering at least 100sq.ft.

Water tank capacity

The tank capacity should tally with the intended coverage area. For instance, a humidifier with a water tank capacity of 1 gallon may not produce the same effect if used in a room of 400 sq.ft. As that of 200 sq.ft.

If you plan to continuously run your humidifier and choose a smaller tank one, prepare yourself for often water filling. But if you pick a bigger tank option and only need it during the night, you will have to replace the water every few days.


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