Humidifier For Grow Tents

Grow tents have become sort of a must-have feature among today's gardeners. A grow tent is a space allocated for growing plants. It is usually enclosed by a reflective material that increases the penetration of light. But more importantly, a grow tent helps in retaining the moisture that the plants use.

Depending on your requirements, these constructions usually come in different sizes and shapes. There is a lot of content on how you can best optimize the performance of these grow tents, but one factor is often overlooked; a humidifier. A humidifier is crucial to the development of your plants because these devices help in adding or retaining the moisture in the air, preventing the plants from drying up.

However, choosing the right humidifier for you is not as easy as it sounds. There are a ton of humidifiers out there, and choosing one that suits you can be a daunting task. Luckily, we have compiled a list of different humidifiers and their features to help you get the best one.

But first, let's understand the role humidity plays in the growth and health of your plants.

Why Is Humidity Important for a Grow Tent?

Humidity means the amount of moisture in the air. The moisture of an area varies depending on the temperature. This is not automatically controlled in the grow tents.

When the plants' moisture content is higher than the surroundings, then it will lose more water. Therefore, you will require a humidifier to regulate. Plants need proper humidity to sustain their growth.

The right levels of humidity will foster photosynthesis, transpiration, and gas exchange. When there is too much humidity, a plant may not function properly to sustain itself. You have to maintain the right amount of moisture to foster exponential growth.

Here are some humidity levels you should know to ensure maximum growth for your plants:

10-35 percent

This is the lowest level of humidity. In this level, the plants can barely survive, given the strenuous efforts to perfume normal functions.

35-60 percent

Depending on the type of plants you want to grow, this level is optimum. Some plants may not survive this level, but most plants will survive.

55- 80 percent

This level is a bit challenging to maintain in a grow tent. However, it is optimum for most plants and will lead to fast and healthy growth.

80-90 percent

This is the best level for tropical plants. If you are growing a palm tree, be sure that it will blossom very well in this humidity level. Do not set this level if you are growing other plants.

You can easily tell if the humidity level that you have set on your humidifier if it is appropriate for your plants. If the humidity is too low, you should expect the leaves to change the color or to be dry. You may also spot some bacteria on the plants. The growth of the pant is entirely curtailed.

When the humidity is a bit too high, the plants will obtain a grey mold. The nutrients of the plants are hindered from production, and the roots get diseased.

Why Do You Need the Humidifier for Grow Tent?

In a grow tent, it is paramount that you maintain the temperature, moisture, and air at an optimum. Therefore, you need to control the humidity. Buying a humidifier is the simplest way to achieve the right conditions for your grow tent.

The humidifier will assist you in the following:

Maintain temperatures

Extreme temperatures in the grow tent can easily render your plantation useless. It is, therefore, essential to acquire an appliance that will keep the temperatures subliminal. The humidifier can control the humidity and, consequently, the temperature.

Air balance

The humidifier will indicate the moisture level in the air of the grow tent. To attain the best standard, you only need to adjust the settings on the humidifier. Air is an essential asset for growth, and through the appliance, the ratio to moisture will be well balanced.

Remove impurities

The humidifier not only regulates the moisture in the air, but it is also responsible for removing impurities. The appliance will filter out unnecessary particles such as pollen, airborne impurities, and dust, which may pose a threat to the plants.

Humidity related problems

Humidity can easily impact the plants either positively or negatively. Low humidity can lead to discoloring of the leaves, stunted growth, and death of the plants. High humidity may lead to bacterial infections. It is, therefore, essential that the humidity is maintained at an optimum to foster proper growth, reduce the susceptibility of bacteria, and promote healthy plants.

Different types of Humidifiers for Grow Tents

There are many humidifiers available in all retail stores countrywide. However, most of them fall into three basic categories. They include the ultrasonic humidifier, cool mist humidifier, and the warm mist humidifier. All of these humidifiers vary in their approach to humidity management but still get the job done. Let's dive in deeper to get a better sense of these humidifiers.

The Cool Mist humidifier

As you might already have guessed, the cool mist humidifier is designed to release cool mists into the air to increase the humidity. It does this by sucking in air from the room and discharging it to the grow tent.

The Cool mist humidifier is power-efficient as it's engineered to recycle air without using a lot of energy. As a result, you can save a lot of money on electricity bills. Additionally, it is simple to operate and clean. With this humidifier, you won't be needing a manual for long as the device is basic. Cleaning does not pose any health or danger risks.

However, this device is quite noisy. Additionally, the filter installed in the device needs to be regularly changed.

The Warm Mist Humidifier

Different from the cool humidifier is the warm mist humidifier. As the name suggests, this device increases the moisture of a room by discharging warm mists. It does by heating the water to boiling point, then the vapor is blown into the air. It has a heating element similar to what showers and kettles have.

One of the perks of using this device is the price. You will find that most warm mist based humidifiers are affordable. Additionally, they run quietly when compared to the cold mist humidifier.

The warm mist also destroys bacteria, and other pathogens that might pose a risk to you and the plants in the grow tent.

However, cleaning these devices can be a nightmare because of their design. Secondly, they are quite expensive to operate as the heating element tends to use more electricity to heat the water. You also need to be on the lookout for mold. Mold tends to grow and multiply in areas that are warm and moist.

The Ultrasonic Humidifier

The ultrasonic mist humidifier is a hybrid that combines the functional properties of both humidifiers. This device is capable of discharging both warm and cold veils of mist into your grow tent. It also has a fan to help it accomplish this task.

As mentioned above, this humidifier combines functional properties of both the warm and cold mist humidifiers. Additionally, it runs smoothly and quietly. The ultrasonic humidifier also releases fog.

However, for all those functional features, comes a hefty price tag. Additionally, operational costs are high as it consumes more power and does not use regular electricity.

So, with that said, which humidifier is the best option for you and your grow tent.

How to Choose the Best Humidifier for Your Grow Tent

There are different types of grow tents. At the same time, there are many humidifiers, some small some huge, all of which exist to help you control the humidity levels of your grow tent. As a result, you need to factor in the following before settling for one.

Humidifiers for Recommended Room Sizes

First, you need to gauge the size of your grow tent. Small humidifiers comfortably maintain the humidity of a 300 square feet grow tent. A medium humidifier will control the humidity of a 300-600 square feet grow tent. A large humidifier will serve a grow tent that measures up to 1000 square feet.

Tank Capacity

Closely related to the size of the room is the tank capacity of the humidifier. It goes without saying that for a large grow tent, you need a humidifier with a large capacity and vice versa.

Type of Plant(s)

You need to know what conditions your plants grow best in, before settling for one. For instance, tropical plants do great in warm temperatures. So, in this case, a warm humidifier would be great.

Ease of Use and Special Features

How long do you want the device to run for? The best humidifiers are those with relatively long run time. Additionally, this feature should be backed by an auto shut feature that allows you to set a timer for the duration you want the device to run for.


A grow tent humidifier is an excellent addition for your plants. It will help you set the environs properly for their blossoming. The air surrounding your plants must be regulated for optimum growth. With the tips mentioned above, you can easily choose the right humidifier. You can choose one that is appropriate in size, function, and remote-controlled.

If you want your plants not to wither and die, you should get the humidifier for your grow tent. It will ease your work in maintaining and will keep your plants healthy if you will be traveling. They are easy to maintain and relatively affordable.



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