Humidifier for Tortoise

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pets in a healthy condition. That includes providing a comfy habitat for them to live, grow, and reproduce effectively. One of the essential components that your reptile needs for hydration, shedding, and proper behavior is a humidifier.

Using a humidifier, you can provide your pets with air that can give them comfort and health benefits. This is a marvelous idea if they have allergies because adequately humidified air can reduce the symptoms. It can free you from worries and potentially save you money by eliminating veterinary bills.

Why is humidity important for tortoises?

Forest tortoises usually come from areas of high humidity and tend to do best in captivity at adequate levels of humidity- at least in some places. Some species, such as Yellow-foot and some Hinge-back Tortoises, prefer extremely high humidity- 95% or more. Others do perfectly well at 80% or up, but can often endure lower levels presuming there is someplace they can lurk hat is more humid.

All animals lose moisture all the time- breathing, salivating, sweating (for mammals), urinating, excreting, etc. Animals have to take in water by drinking, getting it in their food, breathing it in, soaking in it, or whichever method they find suitable. Every species has its own plan and method. Forest tortoises live with the expectation they can get dozen of moisture by just breathing, eating juicy foods, and finding water with ease, so they do not manage their water stores as efficiently as grass or arid land species do.

There is often a link made between humidity and the shell condition called pyramiding, but it appears that the leading issue might be one of proper bone density and development- although adequate levels of humidity certainly help with this and other health issues. Low humidity can also lead to dehydration and all that follows.

What to look for in a humidifier for tortoises

Tortoises are cold-blooded animals which means that they are not able to manage their own body temperatures and depend on the ambient temperature in their environment. Because of this, heating your reptile cage is one of your main concerns. In addition to maintaining the proper temperature in your reptile tank, you also need to think about humidity and that’s where a humidifier appears.

Tank Capacity

A humidifier contains a water tank that holds water that’s dispersed as moisture into the air. As moisture is discharged the tank’s water begins to deplete. Thus, a humidifier with a larger tank capacity would require less re-filling. Furthermore, the running time of a humidifier also depends upon this. Along these lines, picking a humidifier that accompanies a larger tank limit is usually a smarter decision to make.

However, in some cases, the quality of its pump caps its shortage of a tank being included in the set.

Extension Hose

The extension hose carries water from the tank to the mister.

A longer hose is highly upgradable and provides you the flexibility for possible adjustments depending on where everything is placed.

Automatic Shutoff

Apart from knowing when you’ll need to refill the device, it is crucial for the longevity of the appliance and pet’s safety to select a device that comes with an automatic shutdown mechanism.

An automatic shutoff feature will make the unit shut down automatically when the tank is running out of water.

A humidifier running when empty could possibly bring the unit to a point with irreparable damage.

This is an additional advantage if you are often away or if switching off the humidifier is not customary to you.


Humidifiers that offer different settings including adjustable nozzles or humidity output control can offer you bigger flexibility to place and set up a humidifier.

Moreover, every tortoise has its own preferences for the quantity of moisture in the air.

Hence, buying a humidifier that comes with longer extension hoses and adjustment possibilities is always a superior option.

Ease of refilling

Refilling your humidifier's water tank is inevitable. Therefore, it is always smarter to go with the choice that requires less effort.

There are different refilling options for humidifiers. Certain humidifiers come with detachable water tanks that can be carried to any sink or tub with no trouble.

Others are refilled from the bottom without the need to remove any parts.

This can be a bit trickier to perform. Your humidifier needs to be flipped downside up, hence it can be difficult to flip and refill a big humidifier.

Other units can simply be refilled from the top by removing the top cap and adding water to it (i.e. top-fill humidifiers).

What is the recommended run-time for tortoises?

As mentioned before, many tortoise species tolerate and enjoy very high humidity.

In addition, many long-term breeders think that high humidity in a tortoise's burrow can minimize the risk of pyramiding.

Depending on the size and type of the tortoise, run the humidifier for as long as it is needed to maintain the humidity at a  pleasant level - even up to 24 hours. In general, using a timer to run it every couple of hours will be sufficient.

What is the recommended output for the humidifier?

The recommended output range depends on multiple factors, including the size of both your pet and the enclosure.

Check the size of your tortoise enclosure to ensure it is within the maximum output range required. Their habitat must provide them sufficient space to move around and escape-proof for your convenience.

How often do you need to clean the humidifier?

A deep clean every 3-7 days is recommended. However, this all depends on the usage and your pet’s habits.

Make sure to see the manufacturer specifications and follow them to guarantee proper cleaning of the appliance.

Final Remarks

Taking care of your tortoise may pose as exhausting considering the special requirements they need to exist. However, they can make a great pet that can live long and healthy with adequate care.

Proper temperature and humidity are vital for your reptile’s survival, so don’t be skimpy. You want to choose a model that is the appropriate size for your tank and that will persevere for at least several years. You don’t want to waste your money on a unit that will deteriorate in just a couple of months.



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