Is Humidity Good For Rosacea? We Look At The Best Options

If you are having a hard time dealing with rosacea, you should probably do some research on what humidity is, how it affects your sensitive skin and what are the optimal levels for someone dealing with this skin condition.

Humidity is essentially the quantity of water vapour found in the surrounding air and is calculated in % terms. Preferably humidity should remain between 40 and 60% to avoid issues caused by its variations. Usually, around this time of year, most people turn on the central heating and the moisture levels of the air in our homes starts to decrease.

Consequently, humidity levels can arrive at an alarmingly low level, dropping down to 20%.

For those who have rosacea affected skin, especially type 1 rosacea, the effects of low humidity in the air make their presence felt well before others start to notice the change. If you have this skin condition, you already know the signs.

The skin starts to feel tighter than usual and this rigidity indicates an imbalance. The absence of adequate humidity triggers rosacea, due to the lack of water and oils needed to keep the tissues properly moisturised. And it only gets worse: facial redness is accompanied by swollen, red bumps, similar to acne spots, and dry, irritated, swollen eyelids.

If only you could find a simple solution to avoid this dermatological nightmare. Well, have you considered a humidifier to tame your rosacea symptoms?

Causes of Major Rosacea Flareups

You can indeed prevent triggering rosacea flareups by avoiding stress, sleep deprivation, certain foods and limiting alcohol intake, but the same does not apply when it comes to controlling the skin condition in winter. Cold weather is the worst enemy for rosacea sufferers, and avoiding the thick, red patches of skin turns out to be a complicated task, if not impossible. Besides getting enough sleep, managing stress and avoiding fermented foods, chocolate, spicy foods, marinated meats, hot beverages, tomatoes, shellfish, and other foods high in histamine, there are other tried and tested ways to keep rosacea flares at bay in winter. One of the solutions recommended by dermatologists and people who have rosacea is using a humidifier to re-establish an optimal level of moisture in the air.

Dealing with Rosacea in The Wintertime

Besides getting enough sleep, managing stress and avoiding fermented foods, chocolate, spicy foods, marinated meats, hot beverages, tomatoes, shellfish, and other foods high in histamine, there are additional tried and tested ways to keep rosacea flares at bay in winter. One of the solutions recommended by dermatologists and people who have rosacea is using a humidifier to re-establish an optimal level of moisture in your home.

A Humidifier Can Help with Rosacea

If you have ever wondered if buying a humidifier and putting it in your bedroom or living room would help with your rosacea symptoms, such as dry skin and facial redness, flushing and visible blood vessels, the short answer is yes.

People that suffer from rosacea noticed that using a humidifier to add humidity to the air can help in many ways with this skin condition. One aspect you should keep in mind is that if you live in an area that has a humid atmosphere, you should probably avoid humidifiers and choose a dehumidifier instead, as too much moisture can cause other problems.

Tried and Tested – Humidity is Good for Rosacea

Users have reported that a humidifier is really helpful in winter when rosacea affected skin, that is already dry and irritated, has to withstand other stressful factors, such as the cold weather and central heating. Since dry air can alter the integrity of your skin barrier, those with sensitive skin and rosacea are the most affected by these factors in wintertime, when the fact that they are moisturising at least twice a day ends up being ineffective.

People who use a humidifier to fight rosacea also report buying a gadget to test the humidity, and it is recommended to do so, in order to maintain it to ideal levels, which is around 50-55%. A humidifier is the best way to achieve those levels and keep them constant.

You do not even have to spend a lot of money on a humidifier. You can invest in a small one, to begin with, and after you convince yourself of its benefits for rosacea ravaged skin, you can upgrade and invest in a bigger, more complex humidifier.

Users on Amazon rated the InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser, 150ml Ultrasonic Humidifier Adjustable Mist Mode Quiet Operation Waterless Auto-Off for Home Office Yoga (Basic White) to be an excellent tool for those who want to adjust the humidity level in their home, and it also doubles as a diffuser. It comes with a price tag of about £16.99 and it fits 150 ml of water in its tank. Thanks to the intermittent diffusion and continuous misting modes, people with rosacea report that their skin has undoubtedly benefitted from the effects of this humidifier. Users report that their skin issues have subsided since using the humidifier and that their skin does not feel as tight and irritated as it used to.

A humidifier also helps with dry eyes – a symptom often linked with type 1 rosacea. Low humidity level leads to your tears drying up, and since they are a natural eye lubricant, this intensifies rosacea flareups. Instead of using artificial tears or eye drops, people with this skin condition recommend investing in a good humidifier that regulates the moisture levels and protects your already sensitive skin.

Rosacea-Proofing Your Skincare Routine

The first things you want to avoid if you have rosacea are harsh cleansers and scrubs. They just eliminate the much-needed essential oils, leaving your skin very dry and prone to inflammation and redness. Also, you should try to get rid of rosacea irritants, such as products that contain alcohol, witch hazel, fragrance, menthol, peppermint, or eucalyptus, from your daily skincare routine. Warm water is your friend, and you should also try to avoid soap-based cleansers.

Dermatologists recommend limiting the number of products you apply to your face when you have rosacea to as few as possible. You can rely on soap-free cleansers, green-tinted moisturising and protective bases that include sunscreen and mineral makeup, as it provides calming, anti-inflammatory effects, due to zinc content.

If in your case rosacea affects the eyes too, you should opt for allergy-tested makeup products, as well as fragrance-free formulas. When it comes to eye makeup, a good mascara for rosacea skin must be easily removable using only warm water. Eye shadows and pencils that have less pigment are also recommended to avoid rosacea flareups.

If you have rosacea, you should also avoid exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation only disrupts the skin barrier even more, and when your skin already lacks moisture, it is the last thing you need.

Other Ways to Keep Rosacea in Check

Besides a sensitive skin-friendly diet and using a humidifier to regulate the humidity in your home, it is recommended to help keep the skin hydrated, and internet users with rosacea often mention using Finca Skin Organics Rosacea Balm, a product full of rich raspberry seed oil, which is a natural source of SPF, to moisturise the skin affected by rosacea.

Since it is proven that obesity may increase the risk of rosacea in women with an increased body mass index (BMI), it will not hurt if you also lose a few pounds in the process to keep flareups at bay.


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