What Is The Best Single Room Humidifier?

Winter month is here. The weather is very cold temperatures are very low and the air is very dry. This dry air can negatively affect your health in several ways causing;

  • Cracked skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Dry mouth
  • Congested sinuses
  • Running nose

 This is because in winter season humidity levels naturally drops. This may signal that the air in your room is too dry and holds less moisture in which case you should consider putting a humidifier in your room. A good room humidifier can add the right amount of water vapour and increase moisture levels in your room thereby easing problems caused by dry air in your room. It can help transform your room into a more calm relaxing space that is conducive to sleep in your room. 

A room with added moist air is more healthier to your well being and also it can prevent your furniture in the room from cracking or spliting. It is also said that a good humidifier in your room can stop you from snoring. However you need to know humidifiers if not well maintained they can end up harming your health rather than helping you.

Humidifiers if left dirty for a long time they can breed mold, bacteria and even causing condensation on walls and other surfaces. This is why it is advisable before buying a humidifier for your room you need to be sure that it is both effective and easy to clean.

With so many humidifiers in the market I have tried to rate a few as the best single room humidifiers with some kind of criteria such as design, effectiveness, noise and easy to use when it comes to cleaning.

How to get the best humidifier for your room.

First before buying a humidifier for your room you must check your room's current humidity level. Humidity levels between 30% and 50% are considered fine for your health and comfort. Lower than 30% humidity levels is considered too dry and risks causing short term health problems which results to long term problems. Higher than 50% humidity levels creates a welcoming environment for bacteria, dust mites and mold. This is the reason you need to choose the best humidifier for your single room.

Features you should look for in a best single room humidifier.

A good single room humidifier should have the following features;

  • Automatic safety shut-off which means that the humidifier turns itself off when it runs out of water.
  • Timer which means you can set it to switch off when you fall asleep.
  • Easy to use with clear set up instructions.

I found some few humidifiers with all of the above features which can help you sleep or relax comfortably in your room.

Here are two best quiet easy cleaning cold humidifiers that can work best in a single room and turn your room into a comfortable relaxing place. The two best rated single room humidifiers are: 




The  urpower ultrasonic cool mist humidifier (MH501 5L) is one of the best single room humidifier. It features three power settings ; low, middle and high that can provide between 14 hours and 17 hours of working time though some users say it can go even beyond that time. It's control is simple ;short press the power button to toggle the modes, or long press it to turn on the sleep mode.

When you sleep this humidifier automatically uses the middle mist output and all the indicator lights and sounds are turned off making it easy for you to fall asleep or relax comfortably in your room.

This humidifier uses a plastic filter disk that is placed in the base of the unit that helps to clean the air and acting as a sound barrier.

It can be used with hard water or distilled water though some users prefer distilled water instead of tap water or hard water to prevent build up overtime.

The good thing with this humidifier is that it automatically shuts off when there is no water left which makes it the best choice for a room. I am a proud user of this humidifier and my rate on this humidifier from one to five I will rate it five out of five and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a best single room humidifier. It's price is relatively cheap making it affordable for both low income earners and high income earners so get yourself this humidifier and have a comfortable rest in your room.


The VAVA Cool Mist humidifier (VA-AH009) has a unique beauty that is undeniable. It has a raindrop-shaped with a stunning white finish and a silver brand wrapped around the lip. Internerlly it has a high powered fan which gives a quite sound. It also has a fully rotating nozzle which ensures that the released mist by the humidifier is distributed in the whole room.

This humidifier wouldn't look out of place in the modern art galary in your single room. With its narrow size, it will fit neatly on any nightstand in your room. With this  cool mist humidifier from VAVA, you decide on what amount of moisture is sprayed in your room. The humidifier delivers 24 hours of misting on a single fill, though it's efficiency depends on what setting you have on it Similar to a light dimmer, the mist knob allows you to moderate the exact mist output to meet your comfort needs and room's size. Since the humidifier has a high powered fan, the mist sprays quietly and far into the air protecting your furniture in the room from getting soaked.

The humidifier is light hence you can easily move it from one room to another to another room. If you are always busy then this humidifier is the best for you because it doesn't have multiple parts that need high maintenance like a filter,but it only needs occasional cleaning with a mild detergent of your choice.

One of the only drawbacks of this humidifier is  its small LED light that doesn't turn off. If you are someone who can't sleep with any kind of light in your room this might be one product to avoid using though the good thing you can cover the LED light with a tape and go on with your sleep.

For everyone else it's a very affordable and effective humidifier to have in your room.

My rate on this humidifier from one to five, I will rate it at four out of five and recommend it to anyone to have this humidifier in their rooms. It's one of the best single room humidifier.

Other Questions


What is the best humidifier for a compact room?

When a room is small, then you will need a small humidifier (normally). To get the best form a humidifier, you will want one that sort the room that it is normally in, so a small room for a small humidifier.

Should the humidifier only be going in to a small room for a specified period, then a larger humidifier, on a lower setting will work just as well       

Is cool mist or warm mist humidifier better?

Both the cool-mist and the warm mist humidifiers work effectively well then they are heating a room. It will depend on whether you want warm air of not.

However be aware that the warm air humidifiers will have part that can be very warm. So with children a cool mist is always better

Can you use tap water in humidifier?

You should not use tap water in a humidifier. You should use distilled or demineralise water, these do not have the deposits that can grow and cause a humidifier too allow bacterial growth.


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After I had a bout of sinusitis, I spent every hour looking for something that would allow some kind of relief form the pain. This was when I found the humidifier. This came as a great surprise to me, as I assumed that these were just “toys”

After this blessed release from sinusitis, I decided to investigate these things further

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